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Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts (iOs) Review

When a series of ghosts are trapped between worlds by an unscrupulous alchemist, it’s up to two intrepid young explorers to help them make their way back to the afterlife.

Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts is a collector’s edition game that offers five standard levels crammed full of hidden object finds, as well as a bonus level unlockable only by finishing the standard game. It offers a surprisingly lengthy gaming experience that offers more variety in object finding that the standard game. There are a combination of three different types of object finds to enjoy. You find a few items just hanging around in the environments, waiting to be picked up and immediately added to your inventory. There are also standard item finds, where you are given a list of items to find on a fixed screen, which will net you an item for your inventory when completed.

By far the most common, though, are mini object finds. Basically, these are objects that, when clicked on, pop out a circular list of items to find depicted with their outlines – typically three or four – to complete the original object. This is a game where the emphasis is solely on finding hidden objects, without a lot of filler to get in the way of the action. There are some mini games to add variety to the play though, and these range from things like reassembling pictures to flipping switches in the correct order. They’re pretty standard for this type of game, but nonetheless a nice way to mix things up. If they aren’t your thing (or you just get stuck), all of the mini games are completely skippable after a short wait.

While the game play is of course the most important facet of any game, there’s a lot to be said for an engaging story line that keeps you interested while adding motivation for your searches. In the case of Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts, you play as Tom and Nelly, who are following a series of reports of paranormal action. Each location makes up a level of the game, containing one “ghost” who requires a series of actions to be performed before they can go back to their eternal rewards.

There is a robot creature who has lost his heart, an undead knight who’s crypt has been desecrated, a pharaoh who’s sacred burial objects have been destroyed, and more. Each of them has been disturbed from their eternal slumber by an evil alchemist who your characters have some history with. The story is told in text, without overly long cut scenes to get in the way of your goal. While it isn’t completely new or unique, it’s a passably entertaining story that does it’s job of pulling the game together and keeping players engaged.

Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts offers hours of challenging hidden object finding fun in an affordable package. With an entertaining story line and a lot of variety in game play, it offers a robust standard game along with a bonus chapter to prolong the fun.

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