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NYCC: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze footage

Donkey Kong joins in on the New York Comic Con fun with his latest game, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.


Here we see some more two player gameplay going on in the video; the demo is on the game’s easy mode, giving 3 hearts to each character playing. The player has the option of choosing between the original mode and easy mode, with the original giving each player 2 hearts, and a single player 4 if they’re playing by themselves. No official word on whether there’s going to be a mirror mode like last time, but for those of us that are itching for a hefty amount of challenge, fingers crossed. With that said, the levels themselves look to be improved upon in the difficulty department, with more cleverly laid out hazards and enemy placements.

In the footage, we see yet more gameplay of the first stage; where Donkey Kong starts off exiting from a plane wreck, surrounded by a pack of vikings, along with dangerous flora and fauna in the jungle. As you can see, things get a bit more hectic with just one more person around, as players sometimes get their wires crossed while they navigate their way through levels. Although like Donkey Kong Country Returns it’s very much so tailored towards the two player and single player experience, arguably even more so than games like New Super Mario Bros Wii and NSMBU. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will hit shelves February 2014.

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