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New Indie Royale And Humble Bundles Arrive

Two new bundles of joy for your gaming pleasure.

Two new games bundles have been released to the public today.  The folks over at Indie Royale have unleashed the ‘Alaska Bundle, which includes Electronic Super Joy, March of the Eagles, Rigonauts, Sengoku – Way of the Warrior, 99 Spirits and one mystert game to be unveiled at a later date.  All the games are available for Desura, and all but 99 spirits are available for Steam.  If you pay £5 or more for the bundle, you’ll get a copy of Triptunes by Blitz Lunar as well.  You can see the games below.

If you have an Android device, then the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is for you.  The four main games are Star Command, Time Surfer, Punch Quest and Bloons TD5.  Pay more than the current average and you’ll also receive Carmageddon and Ravensword: Shadowlands as well.  As usual, you can choose how much you give to the developers, to the charities being supported and to the Humble Bundle team themselves.

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