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Deals: Pick up Guacamelee on GOG and get a side of Mutant Blobs for free

How does 10% off a copy Luchador-themed platformer Guacamelee plus a totally free copy of Mutant Blobs Attack sound? Oh, and it’s all DRM-free of course.

Downloadable game platform GOG.com has no shortage of great deals. It’s weekly specials are right up there with Steam in terms of awesomeness on a regular basis, and you can toss this deal right in there with that.

Guacamelee was a hit with platform fans when it hit the PSN not too long ago and now the Metroidvania brawler has body-slammed the PC. If you buy into the game any time between now and September 5h, you’re going to get 10% knocked off the price. That’s a savings of $1.50 right off the top for a brand new game that’s actually pretty well priced (for what you’re getting with it) to begin with.

Then on top of that, you’re going to get a free copy of Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack on the house. Mutant Blobs Attack was also a hit with fans on the PSN and actually still stands as one of the best games on the PlayStation Vita handheld. The rollie-pollie game of gloppiness normally costs you $7.99 on GOG, but it’s a tack-on with Guacamelee.

So add a pair of really imaginative, fun and well-made (not to mention ‘hit’) titles for one discounted price tag of $13.49 USD to your GOG-shelf. Just put on some hustle; remember that this deal is only good till the 5th of this coming month.

Get some Guac right here on GOG.com

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