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Return of the Duke

This March (maybe), coming to a retailer near you. Is the highly anticipated (or perhaps not) return of the least popular controller is console history. The Duke. Or the Original Xbox’s first controller as most will know it. I’m one of the few in this world who actually found this …

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Syndicate (PS3) Review

Way back in 1993 a blossoming UK developer by the name of Bullfrog took a leap of faith with designer Sean Cooper’s isometric RTS title.  Setting a traditional RTS mechanic against a large dystopian cyber-punk future proved a wonderful pairing and the now legendary Syndicate was born.

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Final Fantasy XIV Getting Rebooted?

It seems that Final Fantasy may be getting a reboot. Now before you get all excited about a Final Fantasy reboot — and I’m looking at you SephirothFan420 and AerisForever — this ISN’T at all regarding the ever-popular Final Fantasy VII. No, the term reboot for the Final Fantasy franchise …

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