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Falllout 3 DLC announced

We all knew it was going to happen, but the real question was; When? And now it can finally be answered, there will be 3 pieces of content to download, the first being released in January (Xbox 360 & GfW exclusive), second in February and the third in March. Also …

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Fable 2 downloadable content revealed

After the recent delay of the announcement for the downloadable content for Lionhead’s Fable 2, and as promised they said they’ll reveal it on today, and they stuck to there promise. Fable 2 is going to see the release of ‘premium and free’ downloadable content on December 12th for 800 …

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Possible new Gears of War 2 map?

X3F received a bunch of images with a rumored map which is surrounded by Imulsion. I use the word rumored carefully here as the screen shots look extremely legit considering the scoreboard/kill board thing on the bottom left. We all knew there was going to be downloadable content for Gears …

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