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Bowser Named New VP of Sales at Nintendo

Bowser’s the new VP of sales at Nintendo! While this sounds like a poor internet joke, it is in fact true! Nintendo announced they hired Doug Bowser, former VP of global planning at EA. Even Nintendo couldn’t avoid the name pun, stating, “Doug Bowers Brings Decades of Experience, Not Fire…
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SFV Bison 12_-_win_pose

Bison shows off his new Street Fighter V powers in this new trailer

Psycho Power is back… with grey hair.
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The Flash will help keep that desk in order with new paperweight from Icon Heroes

Holding down a stack of papers on your desktop might not seem all that heroic, but The Flash is happy to lend a hand anyway.
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Celebrate 35 years of Pac-Man with updates to the iOS game

Bandai Namco has updated the popular iOS app version of the classic game as part of the 35th anniversary of Pac-Man.
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Mezco SDCC Batman 2pk

Mezco debuts awesome One:12 Dark Knight diorama/2pk for SDCC

If you’re a Dark Knight Returns fan, you’re going to want this bad boy from Mezco Toyz.
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Dark Horse GoT figure 6

Dark Horse brings new Game of Thrones figures for Autumn

Four new Game of Thrones figures are heading to retail this Fall, to compliment the four seeing release any day now.
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Guitar Hero Live tracks 5 20

Here’s even more of the tunes that you’ll be jamming to in Guitar Hero Live

It’s Track List Tuesday music fans, and that means the name’s of a bunch more songs for Guitar Hero Live have just been released.
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VIP Passes

Brutal goes to EGL

Enthusiast Gaming Live was “Toronto’s Largest Gaming Communities At An eSports Grassroots Event at The International Center,” and it was being held this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday.
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Convergence 7

Comic Shop Picks: Yep, more Secret Wars and Convergence

It’s kind of a big deal that Secret Wars and Convergence, two very similar event books, are happening at basically the same time right now from DC and Marvel. That’s not to say that there’s not other great stuff on the racks this week though.
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Exodus comes to X-O Manowar this Summer

Aric of Dacia must protect two races, Human and Vine, in a story that sees the king bringing some guests to Earth.
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Here is to hoping a new Elder Scrolls game is released or announced in 2015.

The Elder Scrolls Online – it’s better with friends

The second video in a series centered on Bethesda’s soon-to-be console MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, this new trailer takes a look at adventuring in Tamriel with your buddies… or a stranger or two.
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GoW III Remastered

God of War III Remastered Pre-Ordering Starts Today

Kratos is coming back and in high-definition on your favorite console. That’s right God of War fans, God of War III Remastered is hitting retail and digital stores July 14th and you can pre-order now. With pre-order, everyone receive the new God of War ━ Fall of Olympus dynamic theme…
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Silent Hills

Guillermo del Toro calls Konami’s pulling of PT a “scorched Earth” policy

There certainly doesn’t seem to be a heck of a lot of love between film director Guillermo del Toro and Konami right now.
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Go Your Way in The Witcher 3′s launch trailer

CD Projekt’s massive third Witcher game is in stores as of today, they’ve got a lengthy look at it in action in this new launch trailer.
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City Hunter Predator NECA

NECA ships out new Alien and Predator classic video game figures

A pair of new figures in NECA’s awesome classic video game appearances line is on the way to retail this week, with both the Sega Genesis’ Predator 2′s City Hunter and Alien 3 Dog Alien hitting stores.
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Resident evil remake-001_bmp_jpgcopy

Capcom going deep for more HD remasters of its classic titles

Well, you kind of had to see this coming in the wake of that massive sales figure for Resident Evil Remastered. It looks like publisher Capcom is going to be heading back to the ‘HD’ well a few more times. Well, maybe a lot more times.
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