Dr. Strange returns to a monthly series this Fall from Marvel

Ready to get Strange? The Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel U is back in business.
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Batman Arkham KnightBAK_Sshot160

Batman takes down Geralt, as Arkham Knight becomes the biggest launch of 2015

You just can’t beat the Dark Knight. Which is pretty evident with the fact that Batman: Arkham Knight is now officially the biggest release of 2015.
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Darksiders 2 DE Screenshot04_after

Compare and be amazed at the graphics of the Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition

Nordic Games has released a series of before and after shots of the new HD version of Darksiders 2.
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Release date and totally rad pre-order goodies announced for THPS 5

Go behind the scenes on the next title in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series in this new trailer, and see what’ll be happening when the game hits consoles in terms of pre-order bonuses this Fall (hint* it involves a hoverboard).
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Dark Souls II art book

Udon announces the Dark Souls II: Design Works

Get an inside look at some of the best artwork from Dark Souls II in this brand new volume from Udon.
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Yakuza 5

Live your dreams in the world of Sega’s Yakuza 5

Sega reveals a bit about the story, design, and more in the latest Yakuza title to get the localization treatment for western audiences.
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Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels on the way to home video this Fall

The rebellion comes home with the first season of Star Wars Rebels.
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Games with Gold Xbox freebies announced for July

There’s swashbuckling to be done in July’s free Xbox One games, and Xbox 360 gamers head back to the front for the final game in the original Gears of War trilogy.
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Diamond has a monster list of exclusives lined up for SDCC

Ghostbusters, Marvel, Ninja Turtles, Star Trek… whatever kind of fan you are, chances are that DST will have something on display at the Con next month that you’ll want to get ahold of.
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Like, totally awesome! There’s a new Hulk on the way to the Marvel U

No, really, it’s ‘totally awesome’. The Totally Awesome Hulk to be precise, as that’s the new title for the upcoming Hulk book that will bring a brand new jade giant into the Marvel Universe post-Secret Wars.
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PSN downloads are kind… of… sloooooooow

Some users of the PlayStation Network are reporting some excessively slow download times, and Sony is looking into the issue.
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Reflections cover art

First Impressions: Reflections

Take a trip into the game made up of possibilities, Reflections. Reflections releases as an Early Access game today on Steam and brings a whole world of possibility or, at least, that’s what the developers are hoping for. Created by Broken Window Studios, Reflections aims to create a truly unique…
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Bloodshot Reborn #5 goes to… the Squirtverse.

Well. It doesn’t sound very appetizing, but the fifth issue of Valiant’s excellent Bloodshot Reborn comic is heading to a horrible little place called the Squirtverse.
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The eShop gets artistic this week with Art Academy

It’s an artsy week on the Nintendo Download as a new drawing/painting title arrives (along with some decent Virtual Console titles and some good sales).
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Marvel’s animated universe gets its Minimates due

Starring in a brand new line of Minimate 2 packs exclusive to Walgreens stores, DST’s new series of Marvel figures is based on the entertainment giant’s lineup of animated series.
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SDCC Spock Mouse Pad

Icon Heroes’ new SDCC exclusive mousepad is highly logical

Spock beams into SDCC with a die-cut mousepad.
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