Tiny Tanks takeover to celebrate World of Tanks 3rd birthday

As the online PC and Xbox 360 shooter turns 3, funny video creators Rocket Jump have made a special look at what might happen ifs some little tanks roles into a little city.
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C2E2: DST heads to the Chicago show

A presence on the floor and with two panels to see, Diamond Select Toys will be bringing all their biggest licenses to one of the Midwest’s biggest Cons.
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Alien Isolation box art

Lo-fi comes to sci-fi with Sega’s Alien: Isolation

“This isn’t a world of holograms and touchscreens; there’s no sense here that technology is going to save you.” – Alistair Hope, Creative Lead.
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Sony relinquishing its Square Enix stake

Sony‘s financial troubles puts them in a somewhat difficult position as of late; in an effort to mitigate losses they’ve experienced, they’ve elected to sell their stake in Square Enix. Sony was once the second largest stake holder in Square, securing a good amount of exclusives on their platforms for…
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Endless Legend - Necrophage March

Meet Endless Legends’ newest faction, the Necrophages

One part Xenomorph, one part tidal wave of creep, the Necrophages might be the most disgusting critters to ever leave a slime trail.
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Wondercon: Marvel Comics packs a pair of panels

One of the biggest publishers in the comic book world will be on hand for this weekend’s Anaheim, CA con with a pair of panels designed to indoctrinate fans into the Marvel Universe and give some tips for actually working for the company.
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Life Goes On

Sadistic platformer Life Goes On hits the PC

If you’re not familiar with Life Goes On, it would probably have made a pretty terrific Monty Python skit.
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Infinite Crisis Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle joins the multiversal fight in Infinite Crisis

No, not Ted Kord, but Jamie Reyes and his big bad battle armor are joining the DC Comics MOBA.
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Frozen Synapse art

Frozen Synapse On Steam Free Weekend

Get some Easter strategy on.
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WonderCon: Nintendo brings its ‘A’ game (s) to the show in Anaheim

Nintendo has a pretty full line of its newest titles on the way to the Con in California for gamers to try out.
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Ubisoft Uplay sale still ongoing, offers up to 70% off games and 50% off collectibles

Ubisoft is having a pretty massive sale on a good chunk of their stuff on the Uplay download service as well as some merchandise that die-hard fans might just find irresistible.
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Wargame Red Dragon release trailer revealed

The latest game in the Wargame series is looking like every bit the followup to Airland Battle that you’d expect as it hits the PC this week.
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Spider-Man learns to crawl in Amazing Spider-Man #1.1

Learning to Crawl kicks off a brand new look at the origin and first year of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man this May.
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Bungie terminates Halo and Destiny composer Marty O’Donnell

A shock announcement comes out of Marty O’Donnell’s Twitter account today as the famed musical composer is fired from his long-running job at Bungie.
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New analysis shows that Steam users don’t play a good chunk of the games they buy

Surprise! You all don’t play a ton of games that you buy on Valve’s online download platform, Steam.
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Explorer: The Lost Islands (graphic novel) Review

The second book in the Explorer series brings the lure of the deserted island to life across a uniques selection of stories.
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