The Avengers Vault cover

The Avengers Vault (Book) Review

Take a trip through the Marvel Universe’s past with the Avengers in this new volume from Thunder Bay Books.
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Mortal Kombat X

PlayStation Games Launching This Week!

Welcome back the fighting game that made Moms crazy! Mortal Kombat X is hitting the PlayStation store this week! Tomorrow fans can perform some insanely graphic, gruesome, and totally awesome fatalities in the high definition that the Mortal Kombat series always deserved. If the gore is too much, check out…
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Star Wars #3

Diamond runs down the top products for March 2015

There was a lot to like in comic shops in March, including some monster new release books as well as a few pretty awesome toys. Here Diamond, the de-facto source for all things ‘comic shop’, breaks down the best of the best and the biggest sellers.
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What in the world is happening in the latest Terminator Genisys trailer

Seriously, the first time I saw this new trailer for Terminator Genisys I thought “what the hell?” But now that I’ve seen it a few times, I’m thinking “WHAT THE HELL”?!
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hideo kojima canned project

So what’s the story exactly with Konami and Hideo Kojima?

One of the strangest sagas in the present gaming industry continues as Hideo Kojima appears to still be with Konami… for now.
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The World According to Iron Man cover

The World According to Iron Man (Book) Review

Insight Editions launches an Iron Man volume dedicated to the Armored Avenger’s world… or how he sees it anyway.
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Act of Aggression splash

Act of Aggression’s US Army faction detailed in new trailer

The US Army figures into Eugen Systems’ upcoming RTS Act of Aggression in a big way, serving as one of the game’s three factions.
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Bloodshot Reborn #1 (Comics) Review

One of Valiant Comics’ biggest heroes returns, but in a whole new way.
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Adi Granov covers for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi OGNs revealed

Marvel’s original comic book adaptations of the complete Star Wars trilogy is on the way in remastered form, and artist Adi Granov has a pair of awesome pieces of art to go along with them.
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BrutalChats! We reminisce (a LITTLE) about Sony’s first portable

Sony’s first ever portable gaming console hit the shelves in North America on March 24th, 2005. Since it’s been a decade (and a bit) we thought we’d tale a stroll down memory lane.
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No voice chat for Splatoon, and it’s not an oversight

Nintendo has announced that their upcoming multiplayer Wii U shooter Splatoon won’t have voice chat as part of its online suite of options. And there’s a very good reason for that.
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Etrian and Xenoblade come to the Nintendo Download today

Big stuff for RPG fans this week in the eShop as Nintendo’s handheld gets not only Etrian Mystery Dungeon, but also the long awaited re-release of the Wii classic Xenoblade with¬†Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.
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LEGO Dimensions LD_GameplayScreen_02

LEGO makes it official, joins the toys-to-life genre with LEGO Dimensions

Ready to jump into a LEGO universe? Get your building hat on.
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Knight Rider vol. 1 (Graphic Novel) Review

The first collected edition of Lion Forge Comics’ Knight Rider book is loaded up with plenty of action and high-tech intrigue.
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Deus Ex Mankind Divided dxmd-still-2_1428503751

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided official, looks awesome

Just a rumor about a day and a half ago, the next game in the Deus Ex series is now officially Mankind Divided. Ready to get augmented one more time?
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Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS) Review

An adventure worthy of the Gods? Read on to find out! 
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