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New action-horror era dawns in Batman comic

City of Bane is over, and with its end so goes writer Tom King. Coming onboard though is James Tynion IV, and more of a horror tilt.

I am the night

Horror is kind of new for Batman books. Yes, the character has most definitely been involved with more than a couple of stories over the years that you could use that tag on, but this sounds different. Writer James Tynion IV is bringing exactly that with him though, for his run that starts with today’s Batman #86.

A fresh start for the Dark Knight, this year will see Batman rebuilding Gotham in the wake of Bane’s stealth takeover. As fans who’ve been reading know, that also means that Batman will be doing it without a few key people.

Though his family has been through a lot before, its never not had Alfred, who’s in some ways its patriarch. The death of Bruce’s surrogate father though, is one of the things that Tynion highlights in an interview on DC’s website. The other, is that Commissioner Jim Gordon is effectively gone as well, twisted by the otherworldly Batman Who Laughs.

A new direction

Tynion will pit Batman against a cadre of assassins in this run, led by Deathstroke. The Dark Knight will find himself face to face with the likes of Merlyn, Cheshire, and more. Their goal is a mystery, but will unfold in the pages of Batman, and possibly the rest of the Bat-titles in the year to come.

As for the title book, it’s also going to be looking fantastic thanks to the art of Tony Daniel. Fans should know his pencils well since he’s been involved in the Batman corner of the DCU for a while now. Other than Greg Capullo, and of course Jim Lee, he might be the best-known Batman artist around right now.

So you might be wondering where the ‘horror’ is. After all, we’re talking assassins here, not exactly too spooky. But Batman might be. Tynion says that the horror of the book will come from the way that Batman pursues his foes. This time around, he’ll be putting that fear-inducing persona to good use it seems.

Check out the full interview and get a few more hints as to what’s to come here.

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