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Hasbro nabs Ghostbusters license for new film

The Ghostbusters are coming home! Kind of. After spending years with Mattel, the master toy license has been picked up by Kenner parent Hasbro.

We got one!

It’s kind of full circle here for Ghostbusters since the license was originally owned by Kenner, so this news is particularly cool for long time fans. Remember that Kenner produced the legendary The Real Ghostbusters line of action figures and vehicles back in the 80s. From there though, Ghostbusters more or less fell into limbo.

I don’t remember there being anything to buy until Mattel announced its series of toys in 2009. For the first time, that series brought fans figures based on the movie designs, complete with actor likenesses. There was a series based on the 2016 movie too, but I’m not going to get into that one.

Diamond Select Toys took over the license after that, creating two fan favorite series’ of figures that included the films and The Real Ghostbusters toon. Like with Mattel’s line, these series’ included something never before seen too. Both waves had snap together playsets, one had the rooftop temple from the original movie and the other featured the facade of the iconic firehouse HQ.

All of that is in the past through, and Hasbro is once again the rights holder. So it’s sort of like a homecoming for the brand, and the safe bet is that we’re going to be getting a full lineup of stuff come next year.

The line is also likely to include more than just the new film. The master toy license that Hasbro now owns include the complete franchise. So we might be getting figures and vehicles based on the other two movies, or even that cartoon.

Stay tuned, Toy Fair 2020 is likely to bring a ton more news on what’s on the way.

Source: Toy Book

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