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Overwatch’s Bastion to Star in Animated Short

Bastion gets his day in the limelight

While Blizzard’s Overwatch has a great deal of backstory, very little of it makes it into the game proper. A tragic side effect of it not being the massively open world game that Blizzard had originally wanted to make. Blizzard’s work around has been to release comics and animated shorts around the world of Overwatch. So far seven of the playable heroes have made an appearance in these shorts. Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Reaper, Hanzo, Genji, and Soldier 76. The Omnic known as Bastion will be the latest to make his debut.

The short is set to follow Bastion’s origin story and how he became who he is. Originally designed as a machine of war, he was damaged in a uprising in which he fought against humans. The short will start with Bastion waking up ten years later, no longer who he used to be. In the middle of the wilderness, he will be fascinated by the world around him. And he will begin to investigate.

It is rather interesting that Blizzard picked this particular character to focus on for a short. Bastion is a rather controversial character, not from a story perspective, but a gameplay one. With his simple controls and high damage output, he is commonly seen as being overpowered and taking no skill. Perhaps a sympathetic take on the robot that doesn’t involve him being cute despite camping in the corner will improve his image.

The short is set to be shown on stage at Gamescom, August 18th

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