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Weird Detective #1 (Comic) Review

A detective story set in the weird world of Lovecraft.


I had a lot of fun reading Weird Detective #1. The story instantly hooks you after just reading the first couple of panels and introduces you to our protagonist, Sebastian Greene. Sebastian Greene, right off the bat, is instantly intriguing. As you read through the issue, you begin to see that Sebastian Greene was not the greatest detective in the NYPD, but for some reason, Greene has now become a star detective. Weird Detective takes you through interesting territory and you realize that things are bigger than humans can ever imagine. The Old Ones are still around and there are entities in the universe that are looking to awaken them and lay waste upon the Earth.

Fred Van Lente has begun to weave a story filled with creatures out of Lovecraft’s works, shady characters and a murderer with a vicious way of killing its victims. Being able to get into Greene’s head is also a great addition as you get to see how he thinks while he also teaches you, the reader, how he can do these supernatural things as well as get a glimpse of who he really is and what happened to the real Greene. Oh no, have I said too much? You’re just going to have to read through the issue to see to what it is I am referring. Don’t worry, fair reader, it is absolutely worth it.

The art provided by Guiu Vilanova is nothing short of great. Sebastian Greene’s facial expressions are fantastic, the set pieces look like true areas of New York and the details are superior. The panels that really grabbed my attention were those of the victims. The detail to their demise was gut wrenching to see and you can see them in their pain. It was gruesome and wonderful, all at the same time. The colors provided by Mauricio Wallace are vibrant and a wonderful addition to the overall issue. I hope this team sticks together for the full run. I’m not a big fan of comics switching artists or colorists mid run.


Weird Detective #1 is a great intro to the series and I look forward to seeing where Detective Stephen Greene and his partner take us. Greene also mentions an overall mission that he is on and to see how he plans on handling it is also of very big interest. For someone to take on the Old Ones on their own is something much easier said than done but Greene seems confident enough to be the man to not only accomplish this, but do it alone. There is some great potential here and for all Lovecraft fans, I absolutely recommend jumping into this series feet first and let it take you for the ride. You can already Pre-Order the next 3 issues on Dark Horse’s website, so I suggest you jump on those. I know I will.

Release Date June 15th 

The Start of Something Good

Story - 90%
Characters - 85%
Originality - 95%



Overall, Weird Detective has introduced a very interesting story with an oddball detective with special powers. This first issue truly grabbed me and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the series brings.

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