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A Fistful of Gun (PC) Review

I felt the hype after watching the trailer. A western gunslinger game, dodging bullets and explosions left and right. Finding a character that suits you best and completely destroy the game. And then it hit me after I tried to play the game, it’s a relentless running game that tries very desperately to avoid the repetitiveness of it all.

I tried to stave that off by using the multiplayer mode, but that ended rather quickly. It was as empty as a western town after the gold rush.

So in the end you have this quirky game that won’t keep you entertained if you play alone, but unless you convince your friends to purchase the game or have them play it at your place through local co-op, you won’t have the authentic A Fistful of Gun experience.

What’s left

-A story that boils down to killing as many people and animals in as many ways as the game throws at you. You will have plenty of weaponry available to you, since there are 11 unlockable characters as the trailer shows, each with a different control layout and mechanic. Throughout the game, you will find weapons that cause mayhem, like bombs, slow motions potions and all kinds of destructible scenery objects.

-A competitive mode that sadly won’t be of use, as the online community is non-existent.

-An arcade mode that is essentially the same as story mode, but without the cutscene in the beginning and with randomized levels.

It leaves you with a game that can’t be enjoyed to its fullest; the singleplayer side of the game can’t keep your attention for a long time. This game is ideal if you don’t have enough time to play the game you want to play and you can’t take reading anymore of Bernie or Trump on Reddit.

It currently has a price of of $12,99 on Steam, which I honestly don’t feel is worth it. It is not Devolver Digital’s fault that consumers are fickle; they only stick with a game until they can jump on the next one.

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