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Guess the Oscar winners and win a year’s worth of free movies

Heard of MoviePass? Well if you love going to see films in their natural habitat, then you might want to get familiar. Their giving away a free year of movies (in the theaters) if you can guess who’s going home with Oscar.

First, MoviePass is one of the most interesting subscription services I’ve come across in a long while. Signing up with them gets you movies, but not like you might think- this ain’t Netflix we’re talking here.

The films that you’ll see with MoviePass are of the theatrical variety, meaning that you actually go ‘to the movies’ to see ’em. Basically, once you sign up, you get to go to one of the supporting theaters and see one film a day for as long as you’re subscribed. The subscription starts at $30 USD per month, and not only is that a pretty low buy-in, but it obviously gets to be better and better as you go.

That’s especially true if you’re talking about the big Summer release season, as going to a movie even once a week can start to really add up. Head out to four or five in a month’s time and you’re probably talking about more than thirty-bones right there (probably a lot more depending) for your tickets. If you use your MoviePass card though, that number gets a big old cap (based on your subscription) and won’t go any higher.

Quite frankly, the service sounds pretty great, and seeing as you can start and stop whenever you like, it could really come in handy. I mean, what are there like 7 or 8 comic book films along coming out this year? That’s probably more than enough incentive to try MP right there.

Right now too, you can win yourself a subscription. Well, one of two subscriptions actually.

The company is giving away one six month, and one year-long subscription if you can manage to correctly guess the films and actors that will walk away with an Academy Award this Sunday. And before you say it, no, that’s not in any way an easy thing to do.

I actually entered, and I had no idea what half of the lesser known movies even were, let alone which ones deserved to win an Oscar. So I’m thinking my chances aren’t too good. That might be different for you though, especially if you’re a film buff of the highest order.

And hey, it only takes a few minutes to enter and it’s for an awesome prize, so you might as well give it a shot. You can enter the contest right here, and find out more about a subscription to MoviePass here, just in case you’d rather not take your chances and you want to be assured a subscription.

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