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Episode 2 arrives for Apogee’s Early Access FPS Wizordum

In Early Access right now, the fantasy first-person shooter that is Wizordum got bigger this week, thanks to episode 2.

Magic and mystery

First released into Early Access last year, Wizordum struck a chord with FPS fans, and especially those who remember the glory days of games like Heretic. While Apogee and Emberheart Games’ new PC title isn’t quite as dark as that 90s gem, it’s a first-person fantasy blaster that lets players wield melee weapons and high-magic against an army of mythic foes. So yeah, close enough.

And while it’s still in its unfinished form for the PC, that game has expanded with a second episode, giving fans even more of a world to adventure into. The new world ushers players into the deep, dark of its world, letting players engage with new weapons, a new magic system, and… giant rats.

That you can ride.

In Episode Two, journey through the shadowy depths of Terrabruma, and purge the evil forces of Chaos across a slew of new locales. Wield fresh firepower added to the last remaining mage’s repertoire, including a new godlike weapon, the addition of alternate fires, a cauldron of consumables, and a new magic system where slaying enemies replenishes spellcasting abilities.

Apogee Entertainment press release

On top of what looks like a pretty good time with episode 2, this week also brings news of part 3. Episode 3 will drop some time this coming winter, and will have a theme that partially matches. The frosty peaks of Terrabruma’s mountains will give way to the land’s molten core in the upcoming expansion, though of course there’s more to it.

Also included will be a trio of new weapons, including a crossbow that can take out more than one enemy with a single blast. And you’re going to need the firepower too, as “Frost Trolls, Flying Imps and Dark Knights” will stand in players way. It’s going to be quite a time, as fans venture into both Wizordum’s endgame, and the eventual full retail edition.

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