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Preview: Sci-fi mini-series Remote Space launches next month from Image Comics

It’s set to be a clash of civilizations in Image Comics’ new book Remote Space, as the epic mini-series debuts in June.

Battle of the planets

A mighty new sci-fi epic is just about to rise up out of Image Comics. Scheduled to launch into a first issue next month, Remote Space spins out of the mind of Cliff Rathburn, who you might know from The Walking Dead. The book features a far future, where the Earth itself is finally on its last legs, leaving humanity to venture out into the galaxy to find a new home.

There’s what looks to be a pretty big twist to this story though, and it comes by way of a branching civilization. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s that Remote Space features two humanities. The first is ensconced in tech, having augmented the human form with cyber components, and the second has adapted to the flailing planet, with massive genetic modification.

The result looks like one of the more interesting sci-fi properties to come along in a while.

Remote Space is set in the year 2450 and Earth is dying. The human species has gone down two different evolutionary paths. One used cybernetic augmentation to adapt to space travel. The humans left behind used genetic manipulation to adapt to earth’s worsening climate. For earth to survive, civilizations need to collide.

“I am proud of what I’ve done with Remote Space and I think anyone who buys a copy will be happy with their purchase,” said Rathburn.

Image Comics press release

Get ready for action, as Remote Space #1 (of 4) will hit the stands on June 12th, 2024.

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