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And now it’s official, Tomb Raider Collection 1 is the first Evercade Giga Cart

Featuring expanded storage capabilities, Evercade’s first Giga Cart will serve up the classic adventures of Lara Croft.

Raiding, on the go

Leaked last week, but not made official until today, is Tomb Raider Collection 1. And while the iconic Tomb Raider games won’t be the first 32bit era games to appear on the Evercade lineup of consoles, they will be the first to take advantage of the new Giga Cart, expanded memory cartridge. That’s due to Tomb Raider Collection 1 including a trio of games, including the first three Tomb Raider classics.

Each of those will be presented in their entirety, as they originally appeared on consoles in the late-90s. Yes, all three will be on just one cartridge, and it’s a package that will come complete with plastic clamshell case (#40, if you’re collecting), and a full color manual. How’s that for a little retro cool?

Tomb Raider is the game that defined an entire era of 3D gaming and the start of the classic era of Lara Croft’s adventures. Originally released in 1996, this adventure introduced the world to Lara with its exotic landscapes and mythological treasures alongside the genre-defining platforming and puzzle-solving gameplay.

Sequels Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III, from 1997 and 1998 respectively, are also included in the collection in their original 32-bit console form. The games feature many locations from around the world and are offered on Evercade as the complete games as they were when first released. All games use the Evercade interface meaning you’ll have access to six save states per game.

Blaze Entertainment press release

Tomb Raider Collection 1 is set to be compatible with all Evercade and HyperMegaTech! Super Pocket consoles, though the price will be a little different than the games you might be used to. Not that the price is that much different, because if you missed the news yesterday, Giga Carts will be priced in at $24.99 USD instead of the usual Evercade $19.99 price point.

Also if you missed the news yesterday, Tomb Raider Collection 1 is the mystery game that will be included with the new Evercade EXP-R and VS-R consoles. So if you’re getting one or both of those, then you’re getting Tomb Raider Collection 1.

Want in on the retro raiding action? You’ll be able to pre-order all of the above, the consoles and the game collection by itself, starting on April 30th. It all hits retail on July 31st.

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