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The master of magnetism, HONŌ Studios’ next figure Marvel Comics figure is Magneto

The very new line of collector-level 12″ figures from HONŌ Studios is about to get a little bigger, with X-Men ally/enemy Magneto.

He’s better as a villain. There we said it

One of the most iconic characters in the history of comics, let alone Marvel Comics, has got to be Eric Lensherr. Known as Magneto, Lensherr was scarred as a child by the horrors of WWII. When he later developed the mutant power to bend magnetic fields to his will, he would use these abilities to lead a brutal crusade against humanity. Or, at least, that’s how we best like him.

Since his debut as a villain, Magneto would become an anti-hero, a full blown good guy, and then a villain again. None of this would stick, as comic fans well know, and Magnus would switch back and forth over the decades. However you picture Magneto though, he’s really got one singular, most iconic form, and that’s what’s coming up from HONŌ Studios.

Unlike Magneto, that name might not be the most familiar, even if you’re a big time collector. It’s a relatively new company, but nevertheless HONŌ Studios is making an impact with its great looking lineup of comic book-based heroes and villains.

So far, we’ve seen Wolverine, and now we’ve got the second with Magneto.

Sometimes foe, sometimes friend to the X-MenMagneto possesses the incredible ability to control magnetic fields. 

The Master of Magnetism is joining HONŌ Studio’s new line of iconic comic book-inspired action figures. The Magneto 1/6 Scale Action Figure is dressed in the powerful mutant’s classic red and metallic purple costume and wears his signature telepath-proof helmet. This detailed action figure features enhanced articulation and comes with a wired cape, hands with a magnetic feature, attachable effects to emulate Magneto’s Omega-level powers, and more. A specially designed backdrop is also included, allowing fans to add their own comic books to create a distinctive and personalized display.

Add the mighty Magneto 1/6 Scale Action Figure by HONŌ Studio to your collection. Available to pre-order from Sideshow.com

Sideshow press release

As you can see there, this looks to be is a pretty terrific figure. And unlike with some other brands, HONŌ has some interesting ideas for the line. For one thing, there’s an emphasis on lower pricing than bigger companies offerings, plus generally lower wait times to actually get ’em into your collection.

Magneto here, for example, is priced in at $175 USD, and is expected to ship some time this coming Holiday Season. So yeah, not too bad on either count. As usual with retailer Sideshow’s announcements too, there’s a pre-order up right now for the Master of Magnetism. So if you want to reserve one for yourself, hit one of the links above.

Oh and keep an eye out, because while there’s no imagery just yet, Thor is on the way as the third figure in the line.

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