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The Sinking City rises again with unexpected sequel

Lovecraftian mystery game The Sinking City will receive a sequel, or, based on my suspicions, a soft reboot.

Sink, Sank, Sunk

The first The Sinking City definitely enjoyed a strong Lovecraftian atmosphere, but was left down by being (if you excuse the turn of phrase Howard would have enjoyed) neither fish nor fowl. It had a perfunctory combat system, obligatory crafting mechanic, and uninspired RPG elements that detracted from what the game did best: a well done sleuthing experience set within the flooded and decaying city of Oakmont.

This time, Frogwares will chart a different (and certainly looking to be a more coherent) path. The first game and its quasi-partner The Call of Cthulhu, were the product of a difficult development from a less than reasonable publisher, and undoubtedly Frogwares seeks to improve upon their blunted potential.

Unlike The Sinking City 1 which was a detective adventure with a horror flavor, the sequel is a full-scale survival horror game with emphasis on combat and exploration. We are also keeping investigation as an optional mechanic, one that will yield real gameplay benefits if you decide to engage with it!

Frogwares’ official site for the Sinking City 2

The Sinking City 2 comes out in 2025 on the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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