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Hot Toys reveals Mandalorian Super Commando, straight from Star Wars: Ahsoka

Ripped from one of the latest Star Wars Disney+ shows, comes Hot Toys’ newest announcement in the form of a Super Commando.

Well that’s just super

A long-awaited live-action adaptation, the Mandalorian Super Commandos made their first appearance in Star Wars: Ahsoka. The skilled troopers were loyal to the wicked and ambitious Darth Maul, and sported a look that mimicked his natural horns. Among the Mandalorian classes, it was pretty darn unique, and definitely set the red-armored mercenaries apart.

Now the masters of sixth-scale action figure adaptations Hot Toys has revealed that those Super Commandos will join the company’s roster. Scroll down to take a first-look.

During the Clone Wars™, a coup orchestrated by The Death Watch™ topples the New Mandalorian™ regime and returns the armored warrior culture to a position of power over the isolated world. What the average Mandalorian citizen does not realize, however, is that the takeover is in truth masterminded by a secret syndicate of criminals … the Shadow Collective™, led by Maul™! Now, the Mandalorians loyal to Maul begin to modify their armor to reflect allegiance to their Dark Lord.

These Mandalorian Super Commandos™ have been painstakingly recreated in 1/6 scale by the artists at Hot Toys to replicate their appearance as seen in the Ahsoka live-action series!

Sideshow Toys press release

The Mandalorian Super Commandos are set to ship out in about a year’s time, hitting retail some time in the first six months of 2025. Pre-orders are open now however, via Sideshow Toys, and carry the price tag of $265 USD. You can secure one for yourself via the links above.

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