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Out today, Kingpin: Reloaded remasters the classic crime-centric FPS

Head back to the 90s and the glory days of the early FPS genre today, for the grim and gritty remaster that is Kingpin: Reloaded.

A dark tale of vengeance

The Kingpin (not that Kingpin) sits at the top of crime in the city, and he’s had enough of one of the town’s thugs. After a brutal beating by one Nikki Blanco, that unnamed crook manages to survive and sets out to make the head man pay. That’s the setup for Kingpin: Reloaded, a full remastering of the niche 90s classic, from 3D Realms, Interplay, and developer Slipgate Ironworks.

First powered via the Quake II engine, Kingpin returns with a host of improvements and modern niceties.

In a lawless gangland ruled by a merciless Kingpin, an unknown ruffian emerges after a brutal pummeling by hitman Nikki Blanco. With no clear reasoning behind why he was targeted, our nameless protagonist readies an arsenal on a blood-filled path of vengeance. Smash heads with a lead pipe, mow down enemies with a Tommy Gun, or use a bazooka to blast away foes. 

Kingpin: Reloaded breathes life into a late ‘90s FPS classic, enhanced for modern audiences. Originally developed on the renowned Quake II engine, Kingpin: Reloaded offers 4K resolution, ultrawide monitor support, controller integration, and the ability to toggle between “classic” and “enhanced” modes for a tailored gameplay experience. 

3D Realms press release

As mentioned, Kingpin: Reloaded is out right now, and you can grab a copy for the PC, via Steam.

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