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Donkey Crew’s upcoming Bellwright crosses survival, town-building, and action in a fantasy realm

Looking like a game to keep an eye on, Bellwright sets fantasy fans to work, keeping the citizenry alive while battling a corrupt monarchy.

Mayor, warrior

There is a lot happening in Snail, Inc and developer Donkey Crew’s upcoming game, called Bellwright. The title is set in a medieval fantasy realm, ruled over by a ruthless monarchy and a wicked queen, but this is no straight-up action game.

Instead, Bellwright also includes survival elements, and a heavy dose of both town-building and management. Yes, that’s a lot, but it’s also looking like it might just hit all of its intended marks, as it heads into an “early 2024” launch on the PC (in Early Access).

Bellwright offers a compelling blend of survival and town building set in a richly imagined world. Ruled by a corrupt monarchy in a medieval land on the brink of collapse, players are challenged to build, sustain, and defend their town against the elements and adversaries, all while building a rebellion force to take on the crown and its evil queen. The game integrates strategy, resource management, and survival dynamics for an engaging gaming experience.

Snail, Inc press release

Originally slotted in for release on the PC this very month, Donkey Crew will be taking a bit of extra time with Bellwright. Just now much time hasn’t been revealed just yet, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be all that much of a wait. Adding some extra polish to the title is only expected to take the development house until some time early next year.

Would-be warrior-mayors can look forward to taking the reigns of this fantasy world then, in Early Access form.

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