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The gritty world of Kingpin Reloaded is almost ready for crime-time

Quite a while in the works, Slipgate Ironworks’ remaster of 90s classic Kingpin is almost here, dropping on the PC next week.

Da boss is back

It’s time to reload, with Kingpin: Reloaded that is. From Slipgate Ironworks and publishers 3D Realms and Interplay, the remastering of the 90s FPS has been a long time coming, but is scheduled to arrive next week to set up shop on Steam.

A gritty and action packed shooter, Kingpin: Reloaded will sport both a new “coat of paint”, and some wholly new content. While the title will tout support for 4K resolutions and ultra-wide monitors, it’ll also reportedly have “new quest and conversation systems”, according to 3D Realms. So even if you’ve played the original to death, you might find a decent amount of new stuff to experience in Kingpin Reloaded.

Here’s the (mostly SFW) trailer:

If you haven’t played the original, expect plenty of action in Kingpin, as you tear your way through a criminal gang on a mission of revenge. Set up with hub-based environs, Kingpin Reloaded will offer “varied missions” to keep thing interesting, and include both gang-recruitment and weapons-upgrading mechanics. So while it’s an old school shooter at heart, it never was a totally straightforward one.

Along with the visual enhancements too, players will be able to switch back and forth to and from the original visuals if they so desire. That’s always a nice feature in remasters and remakes, for those who have warm and fuzzy memories of the original. How “warm and fuzzy” you can get in back alleys while bashing punks over the head with a lead pipe, I don’t know, but still.

Kingpin: Reloaded arrives on PC, exclusively via Steam, on December 5th, 2023.

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