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Dungeon-crawling icon Wizardry reborn thanks to Digital Eclipse

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is more than a reboot, it is the original, just reforged for modern players.

I cast magic missile! ( Can I cast magic missile?)

The original Wizardry was released a long time ago. No, like, a long time ago. The game that basically started the ‘dungeon crawler’ genre, Wizardry hit the Apple II back in 1981. Of course, since that time the form-factor has appeared in more than a few notable games, though the name “Wizardry” kind of faded into obscurity.

But as with most things, it’ time once again for it to rise from the ashes of history and take its rightful place atop the fantasy heap. At least, that’s what publisher and developer Digital Eclipse is hoping, as the company has completely remade that original title, and has brought it to Early Access (via Steam and GOG).

That’s right, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is out right now in proto-form. And quite honestly, it’s looking like something special.

Craft your own party of adventurers and head into the labyrinth at the behest of the mad overlord Trebor, in search of the amulet stolen by the evil wizard Werdna. Battle challenging monsters, avoid hidden traps, and find your way through the dungeon for the ultimate showdown with Werdna himself.

Digital Eclipse press release

Showing the original in that trailer isn’t just for fun, by the way, as you can actually switch back and forth as you play, between that and the remake. It’s a cool trick, yes, but it’s also a great way to showcase just how this new Wizardry is the old Wizardry. Digital Eclipse has basically build the new version on the bones of the old, only altering the looks and sound, as well as adding in some quality of life improvements.

And again too, you can play it right now. Fans can buy into the Early Access edition and begin their quests (presumably) well before the game goes ‘final’.

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