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Puzzle/platformer Ugly set to freak out players next month

Things are about to get ugly. And we mean that as in “Ugly”, the new puzzling platformer from Graffiti Games and Team Ugly.

Ugly, but also kinda pretty

Now, fair warning, Ugly is… not all that ugly. Team Ugly describes its side-scrolling platformer as a “dark fairy tale”, and it’s one that’s actually looking quite nice, sporting some gorgeous animation. That’s not to say that there aren’t some… odd character designs in the mix as well, because there are, but you get the drift.

On top of the general weirdness, Ugly has a nifty trick with mirrors. Players can fade into and out of mirrors in the game’s wild world, in order to enter the shadows, and solve puzzles on their way towards revealing buried secrets about the main character’s past. There’ll be plenty of tricky situations, including hidden puzzle-rooms that will lead to an alternate ending.

If you’re into classically-styled side-scrollers with some new twists, it looks like Ugly is going to be a game to keep a giant, bulging eye eye on.

In Ugly, you’ll progress through challenging puzzles and take on fearsome bosses as you unravel the secrets of a wicked world. Jump in and out of the shadows using Ugly’s unique mirror mechanic, using your reflection to swap places, solve puzzles, and reveal the nobleman’s darkest secrets. The truth is waiting to be discovered –  and sometimes – the truth is Ugly.

Graffiti Games press release

Ugly is set for a September 14th, 2023 launch, and you can expect to see it arrive for the PC (via Steam and Epic), Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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