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Aquatic adventure Dredge adds “passive” and photo modes with new update

Time to set out to sea once again, in the nautical Dredge. The new update adds a chill “passive” mode and you can get snappy too.

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Dredge isn’t the cheeriest of ‘fishing games’ as there be monsters lurking in its briny deep. But that’s something that you can mitigate now, making them a little more passive thanks to the… Passive… Mode. And if you do spot some horrors from beyond while you’re out and about, you can record them for posterity, thanks to the photo mode.

The addition of a photo mode has been a regularly requested feature since DREDGE launched on 30th March, but like the game, all isn’t as it seems. Before players can spot nautical life through a lens and visually document their findings on the open sea – the Eldritch horrors that surround the area, or wildlife events like schools of dolphins off the port bow – they’ll first have to fish for a piece of equipment and exchange it with a new islander, a photographer, for the new device. 

Meanwhile, the game’s new ‘Passive’ mode is perfect for those cosy gamers who want to avoid the biggest nasties in DREDGE and lean into the game’s laid back fishing gameplay while avoiding the more sinister side of the adventure. The new update also introduces a further 10 aberrations ready to be caught, together with their less frightful fishy counterparts, as well as new wildlife events to observe, including a graceful whale shark – the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate – and pods of orca whales. Finally, a new monster from the deep has also been added, sure to ‘terror-ray-se’ even the hardiest of fishing vessels. 

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Of course, Dredge isn’t just a fishing game, as there’s much more to it. The boggy terrors that lurk under the waves are just a part of that, as the game sends players to a series of islands to meet their inhabitants and “unearth” some deep and dark stories.

Sound like your catch of fish? Well then you’ll be happy to know that Dredge is out now for Xbox and PlayStation platforms, the Switch, and the PC. If you have one of those base copies already, feel free to grab update #2 here, as it’s also out right now.

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