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Actor Jason Isaacs joins Baldur’s Gate III as villain Lord Enver Gortash

The cast of Baldur’s Gate III continues to evolve, with actor Jason Isaacs, who’ll be playing one of the game’s villains, Lord Enver Gortash.


If you’ve been paying attention to Larian Studios’ Baldur’s Gate III, then you know just how much the title has evolved since it’s arrived for Early Access back in 2020. It’s already been incredibly well received, but it looks like resting on those laurels isn’t something that the developer is into.

When last we left the casting department, it’d added fan-favorite actor J.K. Simmons as General Ketheric Thorm, the title’s big heavy. But Larian is apparently far from done, as now the studio has announced Jason Isaacs is onboard as well.


Isaacs has been maybe best known as Lucious Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, but he’s been in a ridiculous amount of stuff. That includes everything from The Patriot to Star Trek Discovery, and in those various projects, he’s often been more on the side of the villainous than the heroic.

That won’t change for Baldur’s Gate III, as Lord Enver Gortash isn’t the nicest of chaps. After Duke Ravengard vanishes from the Gate, Gortash is tasked with putting his own inventions, the Steel Watchers, to work within the city’s walls. Those, by the way, are mechanical soldiers meant to protect the citizenry in what’s become a time of social and governmental chaos.

But is he truly a savior, or something a little… darker? Either way, Isaacs is having fun with the role.

“It was a thrill to join the Baldur’s Gate universe, but I fear that the magnificent Lord Enver Gortash is being mischaracterized as a villain,” said Jason Issacs. “In a brutal world of betrayals and butchery, he’s learned to lie better and backstab first. The joy in voicing him – apart from the obvious pleasure in getting to look so glorious – was that the creative team and I got to play loose enough to find ways that he could enjoy the ride and make the players hate him more!”

Jason Isaacs

Baldur’s Gate III is out now for the PC in Early Access format, and will hit full retail release for that platform and the PS5 on August 31st, 2023.

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