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The Ultimate Universe returns to wreak havoc in Marvel’s Ultimate Invasion

If you thought the Ultimate Universe ended with Secret Wars… well you were mostly right. But it’s remnants are set to resurface in Ultimate Invasion.

The alternates

Most Marvel Comics fans are probably aware of the Ultimate Universe. It was perhaps Marvel’s most popular side-imprint, and turned into a fairly extensive line of books before it folded. Then after its heyday, it was officially collapsed in 2015, with the Secret Wars event that soft-rebooted the Marvel Multiverse.

But what if it didn’t quite come to as firm of a close as fans had thought? What if there were survivors of Secret Wars and what if they ‘invaded’ the Marvel U proper, and sought revenge? And wouldn’t that mean big problems for one Miles Morales?

Well, wonder no more as that’s the premise for Ultimate Invasion.

Next month, readers will witness a transformation of Marvel characters and storytelling that could only come from two of the industry’s greatest visionaries, writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Bryan Hitch, in ULTIMATE INVASION #1. The start of a redefining four-issue saga, ULTIMATE INVASION #1 will see the heroes of the Marvel Universe clash with one of the few survivors of the Ultimate Universe (which met its doom in 2015’s Secret Wars), a confrontation that ends with the promise of something all-new and vastly different than anything that’s come before.

Marvel Comics press release

Some pretty interesting teases included there, in that press release snippet. But that said, you won’t have to wait too long to get a much deeper look at what’ll be coming with Ultimate Invasion.

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, and Marvel will be releasing its Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man/Venom #1 special issue. Included in that will be “a dramatic scene” from the opening of Ultimate Invasion. We actually know what’s set to be showcased there too, as it’ll be a twin bill.

Fans will get to see both The Maker himself (Ultimate Reed Richards) issuing an “ultimatum” to the aforementioned Morales, and a reunited Illuminati preparing to take on that arch-villain. Oh yeah, if you didn’t know, Mr. Fantastic doesn’t end up being all that great of a guy in the Ultimate U.

After that free issue, part one of Ultimate Invasion is set to hit stands on June 21st. Get ready, this could be Marvel’s next big thing.

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