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Straight from The Clone Wars, Hot Toys’ Yoda is coming up

A sub-line of sorts from Hot Toys’ excellent main Star Wars collector series, The Clone Wars is getting the Jedi Master Yoda as it’s latest addition.

Begun, the clone wars have

Well, actually The Clone Wars (as a series of action figures) has been going on for a while. But in addition to the already available Obi-Wan and Anakin, fans are getting another key hero now with Yoda.

One of the most powerful Jedi of the Order, every Star Wars fan knows Yoda was a big part of the Prequel movies. But that’s not all, as he was also a key figure in the animated series that played off of them. And that’s just what Hot Toys is about to put out there for collectors.

Now, as you might’ve gleaned from the above, this isn’t a Yoda figure of the sort you’d be used to from the company. Usually Hot Toys’ stuff is cast in a realistic style, even if it comes from the more stylized animated Star Wars series’. But that’s not the case with the special “The Clone Wars” series.

As you can see here, Yoda is made to reflect his cartoon looks. He should matchup well with the likes of the aforementioned, and more recently launched Ahsoka Tano.

Yoda is dressed in a tailored fabric costume which includes a brown shirt and trousers, plus a robe with wire in the hem which can be posed for added drama. Ready to fight for the Republic or walk the hallowed halls of the temple, this Jedi Master comes with both a green lightsaber™ and a walking stick. Also included are an assortment of hands and feet, as well as a flight stand, allowing for a wide range of dynamic battle poses.

Sideshow Toys press release

Yoda is priced in at $165 USD, and is set to ship out some time this month (April) through May of 2023. And as usual with Sideshow’s Hot Toys listings, he’s still up for… oh, wait, actually no. I guess that’s not too surprising, as this is Yoda we’re talking about here.

But yeah, Yoda is sold out. That’s not to say you’re completely out of luck though, as he is still available to ‘wish list’. And if you’d like to take your chances with that, click here.

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