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Trailer: Dev Diary 4 for Warhamemr 40K: Rogue Trader talks the allies and enemies

As with the rest of the Warhammer 40K universe, Rogue Trader’s Koronus Expanse isn’t the nicest. These are its races, both bad and… not-as-bad.

Who are all these people

f you want to lead your trade empire to success in the Koronus Expanse, you’ll need to know your allies and enemies.

Let Owlcat introduce all the main players in the sector to you, with their new Dev Diary!

Owlcat Games press release

If you don’t know and you’re wondering why Rogue Trader looks unlike any other WH40K game you’ve seen, there is a pretty big reason. This particular title hails from Owlcat Games, a developer best known for the excellent Pathfinder series of cRPG’s.

And Rogue Trader is every bit in that genre, as it’s set to bring a unique take on Games Workshop’s far-future to PC fans. It sets players in charge of a trade ship in the 40K universe’s Koronus Expanse, and looks like it’ll feature a good deal of both role-playing and turn-based action.

It’s looking pretty great too, not to mention fairly far along. Even so, the game no release date just yet, so state tuned for lots more.

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