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Calling out in transit: Sonic survival horror in Chasing Static

Bristol based game studio Headware Games has announced ‘Chasing Static,’ a welcome new take on the survival horror genre.

Set in Northern Wales, in the mysteriously empty village of Heart, protagonist Chris Selwood makes a stop at a roadside diner. Shortly after, he experiences something that attacks him…and sets out for answers. So far, so Silent Hill. Except this time, it won’t be what the player sees that will terrify them, but what they hear.

Sonic Exploration is the term I have coined for the core gameplay mechanic, the game features traditional inventory based puzzles to compliment this mechanic. After reaching a specific point in the story the player will discover the Frequency Displacement Monitoring Device. This is the Device that is shown in our teaser trailer, the player can tune into various frequency bands (similar to a traditional radio) and upon discovering an ‘active’ frequency use a modified directional microphone to enhance that signal. This mechanic is used for both uncovering new narrative elements and solving environmental puzzles.

Chasing Static Press Kit

With games like Signalis reintroducing traditional Playstation era survivor horror games, it will be refreshing to experience a new take on and old formula.

Chasing Static will release on the Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox, Switch and PC. Release date TBD.

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