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The ever-living! The helm of classic Thundercats villain Mumm-Ra is on the way from Factory

A key piece for Thundercats collectors is on the way to retail from Factory Entertainment, with the helm of arch-villain Mumm-Ra The Ever-Living.


Among the classic pantheon of 80s cartoon villains, there are a few key characters to note. You’ve got Skeletor for sure, Cobra Commander, Megatron, and of course Mumm-Ra. Maybe The Ever-Living hadn’t gotten the attention of some of those other names in the past, but that’s definitely changing.

Thanks to a resurgence in popularity, Thundercats in general is a bigger name now than it has been in ages. And in addition to all of the action figures, comics, and more that’s out there, there are some awesome replicas.

Those come out of Factory Entertainment, which is a name that you likely have seen more than once if you regularly look at higher-end stuff. The company has a Sword of Omens out there, and now has a companion piece as well, with Mumm-Ra’s helmet.

Crafted from fiberglass, the helm is 23″ tall and can be as much as 35″ wide. I say “as much as” because the width is actually dependent on the “tomb wrappings” that the piece has attached to it. These fabric ribbons are all wired, and can be posed as you like to give your Mumm-Ra Helmet a somewhat unique look.

Each replica comes complete with a display stand, as well as a metal plaque and a certificate of authenticity. You can find pre-orders of the helmet here on Factory’s online shop.

Look for Mumm-Ra’s Helmet to shop some time next summer. It is priced in at $499.99 USD.

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