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Platforming stars Yooka Laylee to crossover with Kao the Kangaroo in free new DLC

The star of a pair of modern platforming titles, Yooka Laylee’s lil’ reptile is coming to another 3D title, in some feee DLC for Kao the Kangaroo.

Triple trouble

“Yooka Laylee rightly won praise and plaudits from critics and gamers alike when it made its debut in 2017 because it took the spirit of 3D platformers of old and brought it into the present day. It’s a joy to be able to unite a modern classic like this with our very own Kao, who has been on a very similar journey from old to new. We think players are going to love it.”

Magda Schwarzer, Head of Marketing at Tate Multimedia

Though it looks like Laylee might be MIA, the new DLC for Kao the Kangaroo will allow fans to play through the entire campaign as Yooka himself. Even better, the DLC is actually an update, so it’s free to add onto your base copy of the game.

Don’t have one of those? Well you’re really in luck, if you’re looking to pick up the PC edition. Those who don’t have either game can pick up a bundle of both Yooka Laylee and Kao the Kangaroo, for 20% off the ticketed price. Have one, but not the other? Well you can still get 20% off of whichever one you don’t have.

All of the above should be out right now for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC editions of Kao.

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