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DC Universe Infinite Ultra debuts, offers new releases a month after launch

DC has debuted its new subscription service, DC Universe Infinite Ultra. Among other things, the new plan has fresh books a month after release.

Ultra combo!

Aside from having a really long name, DC Universe Infinite Ultra is the next iteration of the company’s digital reading platform. And as those kinds of things go, it’s sounding pretty solid.

Of course, reading a digital comic is nothing (and I mean nothing) like reading an actual comic. While this is just my opinion, flipping through a comic on an iPad strips out a good deal of the experience, not the least of which is actually having the pages in your hands. But nevertheless, digital comics do seem to be here to stay. And again, DC Universe Infinite Ultra looks to be a good option for those who indulge.

The main selling point of the new plan, is that readers can dig into new comics just a month after they hit the market. I’m not talking about digital purchases, as those are still typically day-and-date, this is DC’s latest ‘all you can read’ service.

Along with the availability of new titles, DC also says that Infinite Ultra will have an expanded library overall, as well as a slate of new member benefits. The service is available right now, and you can read way more about it here.

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