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Modus Games set to bring zombie shooter Projekt Z to consoles and PC

The dead will rise… from Germany. Modus Games will team with German developer 314 Arts to bring the undead blaster Projekt Z to consoles and PC.


What is it with zombies and WWII? They’ve become kind of synonymous at this point, and the thirst for it doesn’t seem to be drying up any time soon. Case in point, Modus will be publishing Projekt Z, which features both of those aforementioned themes.

It’s looking pretty incredible too, with some stunning visuals and a pretty interesting description. But before we get to that, check out the just-released images.

Projekt Z is an atmospheric zombie co-op FPS set in WWII with a diverse crew of soldiers, each with their own unique abilities, whose mission is to unravel the secrets of a Nazi experiment on a lush, remote island. Players will discover covert schemes related and unrelated to “Projekt Z” – a plan formulated by the Nazis to turn zombies into weapons to shift the war in their favor.

Modus Games press release

As hinted at above, 314 Games is getting pretty ambitious with Projekt Z. Though it’ll be a co-op shooter at heart, the game will also feature a fair bit of base-building. Players will be able to build and customize their “hideout”, plus “craft and upgrade weapons, recruit allies, select your missions based on the story arc of your character, solve sporadic puzzles, find hidden loot and, of course, fight hordes of undead across multiple modes”.

As for when you can expect to see all of this at retail, as of right now there’s no date to talk about. But when Projekt Z does land, you can expect it for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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