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90s FPS Chasm returns to PC for Steam and GOG

Bending time itself to return from the 90s golden age of the first-person shooter, comes SNEG’s Chasm. The remastered title is available now.

Falling fast

The 1990s were a very interesting period for what, at the time, was a very young genre. The first-person shooter genre though, birthed a few big names that are still around 30 years later. But it also created a plethora of names that vanished never to be heard from again. Mostly.

That’s because there have been a whole bunch of remakes and remasters in recent years, bringing some of these lost gems back for modern audiences. Chasm is one such game.

Originally from Ukrainian studio Action Forms, Chasm has been reanimated by SNEG, a small publisher with an eye for the classics. The new edition of the game will feature 4K and widescreen monitor support, achievements, “improved sound design”, and controller support. Oh, and on top of all of that it also includes the original title, fully powered by DOSbox.

In Chasm: The Rift, players take on the role of a soldier in a special commando unit who defends planet Earth from “Timestrikers”, monstrous mutants invading Earth throughout history, and also destroy time channels to finally rid Earth of their threat. One against the horde, players will rely solely on their reflexes and the many weapons at their disposal to find their way through labyrinthine levels populated by fearsome creatures.

SNEG press release

Chasm is out right now for both Steam and GOG, and features a 10% discount in this first week of sale.

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