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Image Comics’ Soldier Stories brings real-world war-stories to life

The reality of warfare is set to be brought to life in some interesting ways thanks to Image Comics, Ken Pisani, and a series of actual veterans.

War, but not as you know it

When you think about ‘war comics’, there are probably a few things that spring to mind. Mostly though, it’s probably the classic tales of almost super-heroic characters who have come to exist right along side the biggest superheroes in comicdom. Thing is, of course, none of that is very realistic.

Enter Image Comics and partner Top Cow’s upcoming Soldier Stories though, and all of that is about to change. The book was the idea of writer Ken Pisani, who has brought in a cadre of actual US soldiers, including Brian Anthony (USA), Jalysa Conway (UAF), Megan Ferrell Burke (USMC), and Rev. William J. Bellamy (ARNG). And all of them are eager to tell actual tales of their time at war.

Of course, this being comics, all of those tales will be adapted to the format. Image calls them “heightened”, and that means each story will be brought “into entertaining genre tales that both entertain and enlighten”.

Stories include:

  • “Terps” by Brian Anthony & John Bivens
  • “Game Over” by Jalysa Conway, Annapaola Martello, & K. Michael Russell
  • “All Clear” by Megan Ferrell Burke, Arturo Lauria, & Kelly Fitzpatrick
  • “The Great Man” by Rev. William J. Bellamy, Cecilia Lo Valvo, & Ryan Cody

Soldier Stories features four compelling tales of military conflict, all written by veterans who served from the Vietnam era to Afghanistan. These first-person accounts of real-life warfare have been reimagined across a variety of genres from sci-fi to horror to personal memoir. What’s it like to wait out a chemical attack? How does it feel to abandon your allies? In a world of push-button warfare, has killing gotten too easy? How do you go on when the war is over but the struggle is not?These are personal stories, compelling stories, stories that will haunt and surprise you. Because every soldier has a story.

Image Comics press release

A one-shot title, look for Soldier Stories to hit stands on November 9th. In addition to the standard cover you see here, there will also be two variants from some comic book heavyweights with Billy Tucci and Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri himself.

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