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X-Men Legends #10 brings together a motley mutant crew, but to what end?

Marvel’s retcon-tastic X-Men series continues with an odd gallery of characters, as Sinister brings the likes of Xavier and Magneto together.

X marks the retcon

There seems to be little doubt in the comics-buying community that X-Men Legends is a fun series. Although it’s effectively a way to change the mutant landscape in hindsight, and make it fall more in line with the soft-reboot at the hands of writer Jonathan Hickman, it’s told some really fun tales. And, for that matter, it’s also delved into some eras that are near and dear to fans hearts.

That said, the latest issue to be announced might be the strangest one yet.

Art from Dan Jurgens

X-MEN LEGENDS, the extraordinary series that gives X-Men’s greatest creators the chance to revisit their historic runs, has already wowed X-Men fans with revelations like Adam-X’s true lineage, new motives for Apocalypse’s earliest battles, and more! And this December, startling secrets of the X-Men mythos continue to be exposed when 90s’ X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza returns to the series to introduce the Eighth Circle! Nicieza will be joined by legendary comic book artist Dan Jurgens, gracing the world of mutants with his iconic talents for the very first time! 

Professor X. Beast. Magneto. Moira MacTaggert. Amanda Mueller. These leading experts on mutantkind have been assembled by Mr. Sinister to discuss the evolution of Homo superior…but to what devious end?! Rest assured, there’ll be at least one dead body before dessert at this meeting of mutantkind’s own illuminati!

Marvel Comics

X-Men Legends #10 hits stands on December 29th.

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