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Gunslinger Spawn launch looks to be another hit for McFarlane

Yet another first issue release in the Spawn’s Universe onslaught, Gunslinger Spawn starts a Wild West hero, knocked through time.

You’re a daisy if you do

If you haven’t been following along, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn is back. Now before you interject, yes, I know that the main Spawn comic has been running since 1992. But the property is expanding big time now, here in 2021.

First there was Spawn’s Universe, a comic that established the… Spawn Universe. That was far from the end though, as it segued into several new titles that are still launching into stores. King Spawn has already arrived, and now we’re on the edge of Gunslinger Spawn’s debut.

The new comic title features Gunslinger Spawn, a man out of time who is unwillingly thrust 200 years into the future to the 21st Century. Not only does he have to navigate a new world, but he’ll have to deal with the demons of his past. No one is safe from his vengeance as he heads into battle with guns blazing as he tries to find his way back home.

Gunslinger Spawn returns with a vengeance, and he will make Spawn look like a Boy Scout,” said McFarlane, Spawn creator and President at Image Comics. “Finally, fans will get a glimpse into his history as we dig deeper into his past and explore his future.”  

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The fresh book is looking to be a hit already too, much like with King Spawn. McFarlane says that the book is tracking to chart in the first-place spot upon launch. But even more than that, it’s apparently looking like it’ll be the biggest launch with a new character in some 30 years. That that works out, it’s obviously a massive win for McFarlane, but for fans too, who’ve supported the Spawn brand in a big way.

As for the creative team, it’s a winner too. Artist Brett Booth will be the primary artist onboard, along with Philip Tan, Kevin Keane, and Thomas Nachlik. FCO, Andrew Dalhouse, “and others” will be doing the color work, alongside a murderer’s row of over artists. Check this list out: Greg Capullo, John Romita Jr., TonTon Revolver, Booth, McFarlane, and” The Walking Dead creator”, Robert Kirkman. Yeah, that’s impressive.

In all, there will be 9 variant covers. Work from the above will be joined by a Greg Capullo “Raw Pencils” piece, a signed incentive cover from McFarlane, and a second cover from Booth. That one, the “G” cover, will be interconnectable with King Spawn #1 and The Scorched #1 (coming up in December 2021). So if you’re looking to make that triple cover image, make sure you grab that one.

Gunslinger Spawn #1 hits the stands and digital formats on October 20th, and will be priced in at $5.99 USD.

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