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Pop Culture Shock’s Spider-Man dioramas are ready for pre-order

Maybe the greatest Spider-Man game of all time, Sony’s Spider-Man and Miles Morales games now have a pair of collectible statues from PCS.

Two Spidey’s, one city

If you followed along with Sony and developer Insomniac’s awesome Spider-Man games, then you already know that they offer up as fantastic of a Spider-Man experience that’s ever been.

The young-series began with the original, Peter Parker, before delivering a fully-realized Miles Morales game. Sprinkled throughout was a series of the biggest Spidey rogues, as well as new origin stories and different takes on classic Spider-Man themes that still remained true to the core property.

Where the series goes now, is still unknown. Although we do know that collectible-maker Pop Culture Shock has a pair of dioramas based on those games coming up.

The company has both a Peter Parker piece, cast his “Advanced Suit”, and Miles Morales on the way.

Both cast in the 1:6th scale, the dioramas stand 14″ tall and 13″ wide, so they’re pretty big. And while they are both sculpted in similar web-slinging positions, the two heroes each have variated bases.

The Spider-Man: Advanced Suit and Miles Morales 1:6 Scale Dioramas measure 14” tall and 13” wide as the friendly neighborhood heroes leap into battle on a street sign. Peter or Miles slings a web line to snag a chunk of concrete while a partially destroyed Oscorp Industries or Roxxon logo can be seen in the debris below. The Spider-Man: Advanced Suit and Miles Morales Dioramas are fully sculpted based on in-game models. The now-iconic Advanced Suit and Miles Morales costumes both have raised elements including the front and back spider-symbols and the accents and details on the hands and feet. Detailed webbing and texturing on the red and blue or black and red portions of the costumes give the designs even more depth.


There are some similarities however, as each clocks in at $450 USD and both pieces are set to ship in October 2022. Ready to pre-order? Click here to check out Peter, and here for Miles.

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