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Take a look at the impressive new Assassin’s Creed IV statue from PureArts

One of the most notable characters in the Assassin’s Creed catalog, AC4’s rogue Edward Kenway has a phenomenal new statue from PureArts.


If you remember, and it wasn’t that long ago so I assume you do, Assassin’s Creed IV made some serious waves within its franchise. Not only was Edward Kenway not your traditional assassin (as depicted in the games til then), but he was also a pirate by trade.

And that meant voyages on the high season, visiting remote locations in the Caribbean, and facing down the British Empire itself. Well, that and doing a bunch of Assassin’s League stuff, and fighting Templars.

While there have been a few collectibles over the years to feature that main character, none have been as impressive as the latest from PureArts. Take a gander.


  • An LED system lighting up the Animus effect
  • Realistic and detailed depictions of clothing and motion
  • Hyper-detailed sculpt
  • First WORLDWIDE launch (except China) in the Animus line

Now that, is awesome. I have had the good fortune of seeing PureArts’ AC lineup (not counting Edward here) live, and I can tell you they are pretty darn impressive. Of course you could have probably guessed that with the way this piece looks, and the fact that it’s quarter-scale. And that it lights up. Can’t forget that either.

On top of all that, Edward has two different editions as well. There’s the standard, as well as an Exclusive Edition. Both pieces are available from PureArts, and the EE comes packed with a “life-size clip-on replica of Edward’s shoulder strap buckle”. You know the one, with the skull on the front.

Both are ready for pre-order, and as noted are the first in PureArts’ line to feature a worldwide release. But that said, he’s certainly not the only thing to be available to all regions (excepting China, and PVC’s aren’t shipping outside the Americas).

All of the Assassin’s Creed line is actually ready to go as well, and that includes the awesome Bayek and Eivor.

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