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A different kind of Saints Row takes shape for reboot

If you somehow missed out on the news, the Saints are back. Only this isn’t the same Saints Row universe you knew. In fact, is’t radically different.

A different Row

The Saints are reborn, and after the events of SR4 the next title in the set couldn’t really have been anything other than a reboot. Even an irreverent series like Saints Row has some rules after all, and the Earth was completely destroyed, so…

But while Deep Silver Volition has indeed rebooted the Saints, it might not be in the way that you’d have thought. This new series looks to be not only different than the sci-fi SR4, and the extremely comic SR3, but also the slightly more grounded first two games as well.

Saints Row (that’s the rebooted name) instead takes a more combined approach in its tone. So there’s comedy for sure, but according to the development team, also more serious “badass” notes.

Additionally, the game’s cast skews way younger than before. Gone is the old boss, as well as Johnny Gat and the entire crew, and in its place is a young team of 4 main characters. And of course, at the head fo that will be the player, as “The Boss”. While there’s one boss shown off in the trailers, this’ll be as customizable as ever. Actually, maybe more so.

Then there’s the setting. Saints Row isn’t set in a slick city, not completely anyway. It’s set in the also-fictional desert burgh of Santo Ileso. And that of course lends itself to some different kinds of variation, really not seen in a SR game before.

If you’re wondering what all of this adds up to, check out the Welcome to Santo Ileso mini-doc below to find out.

Along with a wealth of new information from the creative minds at Volition, the latest trailer offers an exclusive first look at stunning gameplay moments, showcasing the exciting new world of Saints Row. It also stars US acting talent Bryce Charles – the voice of the game’s default Boss – and establishes the rival gangs, fresh tone, and new characters, which make up the biggest and best Saints Row playground yet.

Deep Silver

Don’t forget to get Notorious

In addition to the above, Deep Silver also revealed the collector’s edition of Saints Row, with the Notorious Edition. Effectively the CE for the game, the Notorious Edition will be a physical release, and is set to be a “limited” one (though we don’t know how many copies will be produced).

Here’s the scuttle on that:

The full Saints Row game; the Idols Anarchy Pack, which contains a digitized Idols DJ helmet, a pretty-but-brutal Idols Twinkle bat, and a neon illuminated Scrambler bike; the Saints Criminal Customs pack, which is a digital pack for pre-orders of physical product and contains The Saints Custom Convertible car and The Saints Custom Stab Jacket; The Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle – featuring the Los Panteros ‘El Lanzador’ Heavy Weapon skin and Custom ‘Fury’ Motorcycle; The Expansion Pass that will include three additional episodes, as well as Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

Deep Silver

Whichever version you choose, and whether it be physical or digital, Saints Row is coming up for a February 25th, 2022 launch. Look for it on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

While we’re mentioning the PC too, don’t forget that you can grab a free copy of Saints Row The Third on that platform right now (’til September 2nd, 2021). That comes by way of the Epic Game Store.

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