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New Transformers Studio Series figures include Starscream, Sweeps, Perceptor

Hasbro continues to build the Studio Series 86 lineup, this time with two must-haves and a semi-army builder. That Starscream though.

Oh how it pains me…

Hasbro today held a special online reveal of some new Transformers figures. It was a winner of a presentation, with some huge figures that are joining the Studio Series. If you don’t know, that’s Hasbro’s movie-focused Transformers series, and it’s broken up into basically 2 sub-lines. You have the Michael Bay, live action series on the one hand, and the animated film from 1986 on the other.

There are staple Transformers figures that you just kind of need to have in something like the Studio Series 86 too. Characters like Hot Rod, Grimlock, and others are pretty important. And you better believe Starscream is right there with them.

Revealed today, Megatron’s traitorous second in command is indeed on the way to the series. And when he arrives, it’ll be in glorious form, complete with coronation gear and a throne.

But he’s not alone, as Starscream will be joined by Perceptor, and a Sweep. Both of those are worth fans time, since recent figures of Perceptor are nearly impossible to find at decent prices, and the Sweep is a kinda/sorta army builder. I mean, you only actually need two, but still.

Entertainment Earth has all of the above posted now, including singles and cases. Click here to check ’em out. After these, and the just announced Wreck-Gar and Slug, I can’t wait to see who’s next. Personally, I’m hoping more Dinobots.

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