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Trailer: Castles of Sin brings ancient Japan to PSVR

Enter Feudal Japan in Arashi: Castles of Sin from Endeavor One. The game offers stealth-action in an open world, sandbox setting for the PSVR.

Virtual Japan

Like any trained ninja, you must keep to the shadows in Arashi, stealthily infiltrating the castles and taking down their occupiers. Luckily, you have an arsenal of tools and weapons at your disposal, including a katana and tanto, shuriken, bow and arrows, grenades, grappling hook, and more. The path taken and methods used to defeat enemies are endless, with wits being just as important as gear. The game’s environment can also be an enemy to defeat or an ally to command as you choose between approaches like aggression, deception, and distraction to deliver justice.

Endeavor One

Arashi: Castles of Sin is set to infiltrate the PSVR on September 3rd, 2021.

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