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Marvel dives into mini-event with Dormammu in Guardians of the Galaxy

While it’s not set to be one that’s spread out across the publisher’s entire slate of books, The Last Annihilation is nonetheless looking pretty big.

The Dark Dimension

Dormammu hasn’t really been seen for a while in the comics, and it’s been longer still since he’s been any kind of force. But he’s definitely back now, and back with a vengeance too. The Lord of the Dark Dimension has merged with Ego The Living Planet, and about to seize on Marvel’s cosmic universe.

This is the backdrop for The Last Annihilation, a Marvel crossover that’s set to spin out of Guardians of the Galaxy. From there the crossover will include a series of one-shots, including Cable, Black Panther, and more.

THE LAST ANNIHILATION will also spin out into a series of one-shots, each focusing on a different corner of the galaxy as Dormammu unleashes his evil across space. Ewing will team up with artist Bob Quinn (Way of X) in CABLE: RELOADED #1, featuring the highly-anticipated return of classic Cable who will lead a band of mutants on a mission to retrieve a dangerous weapon that’s deeply rooted in X-Men history. When Black Panther enlists the help of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda in the war against Dormammu, a new hero rises in THE LAST ANNIHILATION: WAKANDA by writer Evan Narcisse (Rise of the Black Panther) and artist Germán Peralta (King in Black: Black Panther). And writer Anthony Oliveira (Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling) and artist Jan Bazaldua (Star WarsX-Force) will deliver another chapter in the saga of Marvel’s beloved power couple in THE LAST ANNIHILATION: WICCAN & HULKLING, showcasing the might of the newlywed super heroes as they’re forced to split up to defend planets against Dormammu’s overwhelming forces. 

Marvel Comics

The Last Annihilation begins in Guardians of the Galaxy #16 on July 21st.

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