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Marvel prepares Star Wars: The High Republic miniseries

The multimedia era of Star Wars’ High Republic has begun. Or it will, as this fall will bring a new miniseries to Marvel Comics’ slate of monthlies.

A galactic mystery

It wasn’t long ago that Disney and Lucasfilm revealed The High Republic. The new canon of the Star Wars galaxy’s distant past, The High Republic won’t have a movie behind it, instead taking a multimedia-style approach.

Variant cover by artist Ario Anindito

If you’re old enough to remember Shadows of the Empire, then you know what I mean. Though this is a much larger push than that was. If Shadows was the equivalent of a movie, High Republic is more like a whole trilogy.

To that end, there’s a bunch more THR-branded stuff coming, but it’s set to continue this October with this book. Marvel’s second comic featuring the era, Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows will see a mystery play out, one that’ll tie into books yet to come.

The noir-style mystery will unfold after the shocking events of the Republic Fair and introduce new key HIGH REPUBLIC players such as Sian Holt and Jedi Emerick Caphtor, two detectives tasked with uncovering the source of a strange new threat that could bring darkness to the Jedi Order’s golden age. The story will directly tie into the events of other HIGH REPUBLIC sagas, including the upcoming new Cavan Scott novel The Rising Storm.

Marvel Comics

Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows #1 hits stands this October.

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