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The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a next-gen bump in the form of the Console Enhanced edition. Expect the adventure to continue this June.

Tamriel awaits

The ever-expanding world of The Elder Scrolls Online is growing again. If you’re a fan, then you know already that the wasteland of Oblivion is coming, in the new Blackwood: Gates of Oblivion expansion. That’s sure to get some lapsed players back in the fold, as popular as Oblivion was as a core entry in the series.

But there’s actually even more to get excited over when it comes to the fantasy universe of Tamriel. That’s because The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced is also coming up.

A new revision the game, made just for the now current generation of consoles, the Console Enhanced edition of TESO brings a host of improvements.

  • Next-Gen Performance: Previously, ESO ran at 30FPS on console, but with the next-generation power of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the game will run at a crisp 60FPS while in “Performance Mode.” If you’re looking for a visual feast, enjoy native 4K at 30FPS in ESO’s “Fidelity Mode.” 
  • Increased Draw Distance: For players who love to admire ESO’s vast beauty, the game’s draw distance has nearly been doubled, allowing a deeper view of the ever-growing world of Tamriel. 
  • Improved Loading Times: Moving up to next-generation power means loading times on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 have been nearly cut in half on average, enabling console players to remain immersed in ESO’s stunning world with less waiting. 
  • And MUCH moreESO: Console Enhanced brings about a number of other changes like improved reflections, shadows, depth of field, ambient occlusion with screen space global illumination, along with updated antialiasing and unlocked textures. For full details, be sure to visit us online.

Enter the Gates

As for the actual new content expansion, Blackwood is actually set to release just before TESO’s Console Enhanced revision. As you’ll see too, it’s looking great with plenty of callbacks to the Oblivion of old.

More than just that though, the game will include a new Companion System. That’s exactly what it sounds like, and will provide AI companions for your character, so you’re always in a party setting, even if you’re playing alone. The System unlocks by playing the Blackwood campaign, and sounds surprisingly deep.

Each companion has their own personality, likes and dislikes, and unique questlines. Oh, and be careful with your actions as the deeds you perform will influence rapport with your companion.


Here’s a new look at Blackwood in action:

So when’s all this happening? Well, Blackwood launches for The Elder Scrolls Online on June the 1st. The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced arrives on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on June the 8th.

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