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Classic collection of Predator tales gets new Marvel Omnibus

The Predator has had a long and bloody history in not just movies, but comics too. And now some of the best are being collected for a new generation.

The hunter returns

You’ve no doubt seen by now that Aliens and Predator have both been snapped up by Marvel Comics. Making an exodus from their former publishing home, the killer alien races will be making their way to Marvel’s publishing slate soon.

Apparently too, they’ll be crashing the Marvel U proper as well, just as Conan the Barbarian did a show time back. But before Wolverine goes claw-to-claw with a yautja, fans will be on the reciting end of a special Omnibus.

The new book is set to collect some of the all time classics comic book tales of the Predator, including a ton of hard to find Dark Horse content.

From the press release:

Cover by artist Iban Coello

Nowhere is safe when the remorseless alien killers stalk the concrete jungle of New York City, leave a trail of death across the American Southwest and ignite the Cold War by landing in Siberia! Find out if the Predators came to Earth during Vietnam or World War I and see the hunters make a new enemy in Dutch’s brother, Detective John Schaefer. Read on as an Arizona prison becomes a slaughterhouse and witness a Predator vs. psychotic Predator showdown in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey! Finally, take a trip to 1950s Hollywood, where only a child with special glasses can see the monster in the midst of Tinseltown! It’s total carnage, Predator-style! This unprecedented collection includes: PREDATOR (1989) #1-4, PREDATOR 2 #1-2, PREDATOR: BIG GAME #1-4, PREDATOR: COLD WAR #1-4, PREDATOR: THE BLOODY SANDS OF TIME #1-2, PREDATOR: RACE WAR #1-4, PREDATOR: BAD BLOOD #1-4, PREDATOR: INVADERS FROM THE FOURTH DIMENSION, PREDATOR: DARK RIVER #1-4, PREDATOR: STRANGE ROUX and PREDATOR: KINDRED #1-4 — plus material from DARK HORSE PRESENTS (1986) #46, #67-69 and #119; DARK HORSE COMICS #1-2, #4-7, #10-14, #16-18 and #20-21; and A DECADE OF DARK HORSE #1.

Marvel Comics press release

Presented in hardcover, Predator: The Original Years Omnibus Vol. 1 is scheduled to hit stores this July. Given the subject matter, the timing couldn’t be better.

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