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Images of G.I. Joe Retro wave 2 leak, include Roadblock, Scarlett, Destro

The 3.75″ G.I. Joe figures might not be making the splash that the 6-inchers are, but they’re pretty awesome in their own right. And more are coming up.

Yo Joe!

For the first time in a long time, G.I. Joe is H-O-T. Hasbro’s new 6″ line of action figures has lit up the collector-verse, and newer series’ of the things sell out as soon as they’re stocked. Go try and find the Target-exclusive Cobra Island wave for proof of that.

But aside from that line, there’s another one that’s not quite getting the same level of press. Exclusive to Walmart (yes, I know…) is a 3.75″ series of Joes called the Retro series. These are made in the same mold as the 50th Anniversary figures that were released a while ago, and seem to be running in 3 figure waves.

The first drop saw the release of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and the Baroness, as well as a pair of vehicles. No announcement had been made as to a follow-up to any of it, but it seems as though we will definitely be getting more.

That little tidbit comes today, in the form of some images that have leaked online of wave 2.


Released by The Full Force Podcast, the images include shots of Scarlett, Roadblock, and Destro. All of them are looking good, but Destro and especially Scarlett are the clear standouts. Scarlett looks fantastic, with maybe the best 3.75″ Scarlett yet, and Destro’s face sculpt looks like it was pulled right from the card-artwork.

What we have not seen yet however are vehicles. Presumably we’ll be getting some of those in this wave since we did in wave 1, though pics have not leaked. Well, at least not yet. Stay tuned.

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