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Ary and the Secret of Seasons gets patched for PC, consoles coming soon

Arriving not long ago, Ary and the Secret of Seasons has gotten a monster-sized patch on PC, with a console version coming up soon.

Seasonal patching

We reviewed Ary and the Secret of Seasons just last week, and found it to be solid in most every way excepting the story and quite a few bugs. Well, this week one of those things gets patched right up.

The dev teams at eXiin and Fishing Cactus have apparently been hard at work on the game, post launch. And the result is a beefy patch that fills in more than a couple of gaps.

Included in the patch, which is live now on the PC, is:

  • Added support for keyboard and controller remapping
  • Added support for inverting X axis
  • New tutorial for using the Summer Season added to the Muscari boss fight
  • Added additional save slots and save backup slot
  • Added ability to disable specific side quests from displaying
  • Landmarks now turn grey on the map after discovery
  • Fixed Ary becoming invisible after death and cutscenes
  • Fixed softlock after receiving quest ‘We Need a Hero’ in the Dome of Seasons
  • Fixed softlock during the Winter Temple boss fight where the player would spawn too far away from the boss to complete the chase sequence
  • Main quest no longer resets after dying to traps during the Ostara Mines chase sequence
  • Disabled fast travel in temples to prevent softlock on reentering
  • Prevented Muscari from attacking during boss fight while alert box is open
  • Fixed softlock caused by entering the Spring Temple before completing the Autumn Temple
  • Added music to the end of the Muscari boss fight
  • Removed double jump boots and slingshot from store to fix main quest progression issues
  • Fixed water disappearing in Ostara City on very low graphic settings
  • Chest in Summer Temple now contains more than 0 coins
  • Fixed graphical glitch where grass was semi-transparent in winter on some hardware configurations
  • Fixed graphical glitch where the Lilypad hat was semi transparent in winter
  • Slingshot now disabled while climbing
  • Player can no longer change costumes while not idle
  • Some German translations fixed (thanks John!)
  • Fixed Muscari mace remaining in inventory after completing Ostara Mines
  • Fixed unequipped hat reappearing in cutscenes
  • Pull help notification no longer shows up while swimming
  • Ary no longer appears with long hair during cutscenes
  • Boss health bar no longer stays around after defeating boss

You’ll note this is just for the PC version of Ary. Not to worry if you’ve been waiting for similar help on the console editions though, as the patch will be migrating over there soon.

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