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McFarlane Toys brings back chase figures with “bronze” Joker

McFarlane Toys is ready to take collecting back to an earlier time. A time where hunting down toys included chasing, uh, “chase” figures.

The chase is on

Back in the 90s, there was something called “chase” figures. A figure with that designation is, pretty simply, a figure that’s meant to be short-packed in cases (if it’s even included in all cases). If you think that makes them tough to find, you are correct, but that’t the point. You have to chase them down.

Chase’s are still made by some companies today, though not on anything that I’d call an impactful level. You typically don’t find larger companies doing it either (though I think Funko still does). So in that way, McFarlane is breaking some new ground here. Or at least, re-breaking it.

Announced this week is the bronze-colored Joker figure, which is very much a chase, and will be the first issuance under the McFarlane Platinum Edition banner. Platinum Edition figures will ship with their own packaging, which will be “limited-edition packaging with a McFarlane Platinum Edition label printed in foil”. This new re-deco’d Joker is based on McFarlane’s own Arkham Asylum version of Mr.J, and will have a 3,000 piece run globally. Yep, that’s it.

It will be packed into DC multiverse cases at random too, so there’s no telling where it’ll show up when it starts to ship out next month. And if you think the company is going to stop there, think again.

McFarlane Platinum Edition figures will run through 2021, and will consist of regularly released figures, but with different and unique paint jobs. You can actually expect to see more of them before the New Year as well, though just what they might be is still under wraps.

Stay tuned.

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